Alexandra Davis Stevens Ginther Group Real Estate Team

Alexandra Davis Stevens

License Number: 315421

Embracing the unique blend of her small-town roots and city experiences, Alexandra's journey has come full circle. As a dedicated real estate professional, she is thrilled to continue weaving stories of home and happiness. Alexandra combines her passion for client service with the joys of family life and a rich tapestry of personal interests.

Alexandra looks forward to the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and make lasting connections in both her professional and personal endeavors. Outside of work, her diverse interests include art, dance, travel and music. However, her two greatest achievements in life are her kiddos, Scarlett and Jude. She spends a significant amount of time fulfilling the multifaceted role of a mom.

Alexandra finds immense joy in guiding individuals through the home-finding process, and she is committed to delivering an experience brimming with happiness and satisfaction for all whom she serves.