Our History

Blake Ginther - Real Estate TeamIn 2012, I had a successful career as an agent, but I was working 100 hours per week and letting folks down, especially my wife and our 18 month old son. I vowed to make a change and never let my clients, my family, or myself down like that again. Unfortunately I was with a firm here teams did not exist and my only option was to refer off what I could not handle. This philosophy did not sit well with me.

I had read countless books about real estate and all of the top agents across the country kept using this one word: leverage. The more I dug into this concept, the simpler it seemed. Leverage means providing a way for everyone to champion what they enjoy and let go of what they don’t. I also realized that talented people will crush the things they like and, conversely, struggle with those they don’t. Here is the key sentence that changed my entire career: people don’t choose to work with me because of me, they choose to work with me because of the level of service I provide. That is when I realized I need to build a team of people to provide that level of service.

It took me a while to really believe that and don’t get me wrong, there are always outliers. It took me a while to understand who I am as a realtor, and therefore, who I would like to work with to provide the same level of service. Believe me, it’s not all about being the most talented, it’s also about being the right fit. Here is what I have discovered after many years of failing forward: the three words that I would like to best describe every team member that’s a part of The Ginther Group are Humble, Hungry, and Smart. These words mean and show themselves differently to everyone and they are the core of what this team represents.

It is my wish that every member of the team can make the living they desire while working the hours they and their family desire. With a team in an industry that knows no limits, frankly anything is possible.

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Hungry, Humble, People Smart